Type of Project

Run-of River

Gross Head


Design Discharge

15 m3/sec

Installed Capacity

8000 kW

Contract Energy

55 GWh (Annual)

Salleri HydroPower

General Information of the Project

Project Name: Salleri Chialsa Electricity Company Limited (SCECO)

Location of Office: Dudhkunda Municipality, Ward No.5, Salleri, Solukhumbu, Nepal

Location of PowerStation: Dudhkunda Municipality ward No. 6 Chhulyamu, Solukhola, Solukhumbu, Nepal

Coverage of Area: Few parts of Salleri VDC and few parts of Garma VDC

River: Solu Khola

Type of source: Water source

Start of project: 1982

End of Project: 2003 (BS 2050) I and II phase

Start of Project 2008

End of Project 2014 (BS 2071) III phase

Year of conceptualization of the project: His Majesty’s Government of Nepal and Swiss Association for Technical Assistance (SATA) were started first phase on 1960 But, it could not success due to big and heavy landslide. Second phase was on 1982 under Swiss Aid.

Year of Commissioning: I phase in 1986, II phase in1993 and III phase in 2015.

Name of project developer/owner/promoter: Public Utility Company with share holders (SDC, NEA and DHH).

Layout Design and Technical Status

The power plant is a classical run off river scheme, designed for 400 kW gross capacity in two machine sets equipped with two turbine alternator groups (the turbine with a nominal power out-put of 261*2 HP or 192*2 kW (hydraulic) and the generators of 210*2 kVA/180 *2kW) and 273 kW net capacity in one machine set with one turbine alternator group( the turbine with a nominal power out-put of 372 HP or 273 kW (hydraulic) and the generators of 321 kVA/273 kW (electric) nominal output capacity). Map of power plant and corresponding civil structure are attached in Annex.

The maximum, theoretical, firm electricity generation is (360+273=633 kW*8760 hrs=5545080 kWh) about 5.55 million kWh per year.